Project Info


  •                     Scope : Electromechanical and Civil Works
  •     Project Place : Riyadh
  •   Project Start : 01/09/2017
  •               Clients : GACA - KSA

Project Details

The scope of work performs all the Work required for the completion and operation of Design, Construct, Install and Commissioning and Test of the GSE Tunnel MEP works with Necessary/Auxiliary Equipment at GSE Tunnel at King Khaled Airport, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and other Contract Documents, the Construction Contract as applicable to the scope of the Agreement, the work include but not limited to the supply of all materials, transportation, labour, plant, machinery, tools, utilities, appliances, administration and incidentals, equipment, goods and services required to design, manufacture, overseas and in-site transport (vertical and horizontal), deliver, set out, construct and/or install, erect, provision of necessary technical documentation and information required, factory and site tests, start-up, commission demonstrate, pre-commissioning, commissioning, trial operation, commission to all related authorities and warranty of the Work and the Systems, said goods according to at least technical specifications and all requirements and regulations, weather conditions, local and applicable international standards, rules etc. and services to design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, transportation, project management.